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Actor Mayank Kaul Starts His Bollywood Journey In Style

Actor Mayank Kaul Starts His Bollywood Journey In Style

Mayank Kaul may be a newcomer actor, but he’s here to stay. As morning shows the day, his recently released movie Sai Kabir’s Holy Cow has glimpses of Mayank’s amazing talent and passion. A professional mountaineer, Mayank speaks of Holy Cow and the road ahead:

QUESTION: What madd you to come to Mumbai and try your luck in Bollywood?
ANSWER: I always wanted to be in films. So, here I am where I was destined to be!

Q.- How did you land up in this movie Holy Cow? And what’s your role in the movie?
A.- I am playing a local gangster’s nephew who is also a wannabe gangster. It’s  a funny performance, it’s a black comedy. I was working under Director Sai Kabir since 2014 as his assistant and was working on this project also till this character came up and he offered me this part and from behind the camera I came in front of the camera (he smiles). It’s not a very long track but it’s interesting .

Q.- Sai Kabir is a known Director. What was your reaction when you got the offer to act in this movie? And how’s your experience of working with Sai?
A.- It’s very strange but a bit long story that he spotted me in Juhu when I was buying cigarettes and he came to buy cigarettes too. That time he was planning a film about youth which actually never got made and was casting and asked me if I am an actor and told me to come meet him next day at Oakwood hotel where he and his team were operating and the film was  titled Jawani in which I was offered a parallel lead .

Q.- Was acting your childhood dream or it just grew on you as you grew up in life?
A.- It just grew up

Q.- There are so many newcomers already in the industry. How do you fit into this sea of artistes?What’s your strategy to come out a winner among them?
A.- Everyday there are more cars, scooters , motorcycles, trucks, buses etc on road, but we don’t stop going out to meet people and to do things that you want to do . So the chaos really doesn’t matter. There is opportunity everywhere inspite of the crowd .

Q.- Who’s your idol in Bollywood? Any all-time favourite actor?
A.- Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan

Q.- What’s your fitness mantra?
A.- t’s all genetics .

Q.- How do you relax yourself?
A.-I relax myself with good music, few people, good friends. Somewhat an introvert, I don’t like too many people.

Q.- How do you describe Mumbai in one word?

A.- Energy, energy and energy..

Actor Mayank Kaul Starts His Bollywood Journey In Style

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