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Actress Reeva Chaudhary A Wellknown Name In Mumbai Television And Film Industry...

Reeva Chaudhary is as beautiful and playful as she is equally talented and charming personality. She started her career with modeling and advertising films. Has played an excellent role in the serial ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’ aired on Zee TV. Reeva is born in kolkata and has a strong attachment to her native land. She is working in Mumbai television and film industry. She will soon be seen in webseries as well. She has worked in many ad films in which she has worked in jewelry, saree, organic food etc. Once Reeva was doing an advertisement of JustMyRoot, then she had to eat Rasgulla while smiling. The Director was not satisfied with the take of that all important shot and took many re-takes to capture the perfect expression. She had to eat twenty five rasgullas. But Reeva kept patience and gave her shot smiling every time without any hesitation.

Reeva Chaudhary takes great care of her health, she makes full use of her time. She is very dedicated towards acting. Since childhood, the acting ability in him is enormous. In childhood, she used to act so easily that everyone used to be bewildered by her style.

Reeva likes  Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and in Bollywood she is influenced by Salman Khan. Reeva says that when she used to watch Salman’s song ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ in her childhood, she used to dance with happiness. She learned the nuances of acting in Atul Mongia’s acting workshop to enhance her acting talent. Reeva believes in being happy always. She believes that no matter what the circumstances are, we should be happy. One should never find a reason to be happy, seeing your smiling face, positivity comes in the mind of others, she will also give a lovely smile seeing your smile and will be happy. This also brings positivity in you. You should also take care of your body, for this you should do yoga or exercise.

You will see her on mtv show Couture and Pret lifestyle fashion week and she walked as show stopper for the designer Sandiip Srivastava.


Actress Reeva Chaudhary A Wellknown Name In Mumbai Television And Film Industry

कनीशा फिल्म्स के बैनर तले बनने वाले बिग बजट वीडियो सांग ” धुँआ धुँआ ” का चेहरा बनीं आश्रम फेम ” त्रिधा चौधरी “...

निर्देशक प्रकाश झा की चर्चित वेब सीरीज आश्रम में अपने बोल्ड लुक और अभिनय से सुर्खियां बटोरने वाली त्रिधा चौधरी जल्द ही एक बिग बजट म्युज़िक वीडियो धुआं धुआं में नजर आएंगी। धुआं धुआं सॉन्ग के निर्माता विनोद पालीवाल, अनवर शेख और सह निर्माता वृंदा भंडारी ने आज मुम्बई, जुहू के पांच सितारा होटल सी प्रिंसेस में अपनी टीम की क्रिएटिव हेड श्रुति शुक्ला के साथ ऎक्ट्रेस त्रिधा चौधरी को अनुबंधित किया। इस धमाकेदार म्युज़िक वीडियो की शूटिंग 14 फरवरी को मुंबई के एक स्टूडियो में बड़े पैमाने पर होगी।

इस सॉन्ग के निर्देशक देव थापे और ऋषि कुमार हैं जबकि कोरिओग्राफर हैं देव थापे, म्यूजिक है विवियन रिचर्ड्स का।

बता दें कि कोलकाता की रहने वाली त्रिधा चौधरी रील के साथ साथ रियल लाइफ में भी काफी बोल्ड और बिंदास हैं। आश्रम वेब सीरिज में अपने अभिनय से उन्होंने खूब धमाल मचाया था। इस वेब सीरिज के द्वारा अपनी अदाकरी से लोगों को दीवाना बनाने वाली त्रिधा चौधरी ने खूब सुर्खियां बटोरी थी अब त्रिधा चौधरी अपने नए अवतार में धुआं धुआं के जरिये एक बार फिर लोगों का दिल जीतने वाली हैं।

होली 2023 में इस म्युज़िक वीडियो को रिलीज करने की योजना है। धुआं धुंआ एक खूबसूरत गीत और आकर्षक गीत है।

प्रोड्यूसर विनोद पालीवाल का दावा है कि धुआं धुआं एक ऐसा म्युज़िक वीडियो है जो ऑडिएंस के दिलों को छू लेगा। युवा पीढ़ी की पसन्द का ख्याल रखते हुए इसे बनाया जा रहा है और उम्मीद है कि यह वीडियो चार्टबस्टर और ब्लॉकबस्टर साबित होगा।

कनीशा फिल्म्स के बैनर तले बनने वाले बिग बजट वीडियो सांग ” धुँआ धुँआ ” का चेहरा बनीं आश्रम फेम ” त्रिधा चौधरी “

Actress Aasma Syed Has Many Released Popular Hindi Films And Web Series To Her Credit...

Actress Aasma Syed is a multi-talented person.  She is proficient in every form of sports, dance, acting or art.  She is also known by the name of Aasma Ali.

Aasma  was born in Mumbai and completed her schooling from Cambridge Mumbai.  She completed her graduation from Kishore Sanghvi College of Commerce and Economics.  From the time of her school and college, she came into the world of acting.  Aasma took up art along with education.  She started her career with the serial ‘Surveen Google’ aired on Channel V, but took a break from acting to complete her education and again entered the world of acting.  Aasma is a very passionate person towards her work.

Her first show was aired on Big Magic channel, where she played the role of Gunjan in the serial ‘Jai Maa Vindhyavasini’. She has appeared in Hindi films like ‘Rang E Ishq, Koi Saath Hai’ and web series like Shubharatri, Ishq Kill, Kaneez.

In Alt Balaji’s webseries ‘Gandi Baat’, she played the lead role and also played different characters.  Aasma has played many characters on screen, such as Zindagi Ki Mehek (Zee TV), Yaaron Ka Tashan and Udaan (Colors TV).  Aasma is working in television, OTT as well as films.  She has worked in the Telugu film ‘RR Tempt Raja’.  Her upcoming Telugu film is Ragi Reku.  Her upcoming Telugu films are Karna and Placebo, both of which feature Asama in the lead.  Asama has worked with many well-known personalities in the Hindi film and TV industry, as well as with many well-known personalities in South Indian films such as Posani Krishna Murali, Dil Ramesh, Tanish Alladi, Tremendous Bobby, Tremendous Nokaraju, Shyamala, etc.

Aasma’s favorite actors are Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan.  She has been honored with the Brand Icon Award 2022 and has also been nominated on several award shows.  Aasma believes that we should pay full attention to our work and we will definitely get good results.  She values ​​work more than rewards.  She believes that if you have the X factor inside you then only people will know your work.  Because successful is the one who refines his special talent.


Actress Aasma Syed Has Many Released Popular Hindi Films And Web Series To Her Credit

Rianna Ray Model And Actress With Rare Acting Calibre...

Rianna has worked in television shows. Also acted in the Bengali film ‘Bujhena Tu Bujhena’. Along with acting, she is also doing modeling. She was exposed to film or television as a child.

Loved watching and copying and mimicking the acting of the artists. She acted for the first time when she was in class X and played the character of ‘Marjina’. Rianna presented such a beautiful expression in front of an audience of hundreds that won her a lot of applause.

Everyone is impressed by the glare of Mayanagari and Mumbai is no less than a heaven for those who have an affinity for acting and art. Kolkata-born Bengali diva Rianna Ray also moved to Mumbai to try her luck in the film and television industry. that of zee bangla.

Got the courage and passion to act. After completing her education, she took training in acting and dance and started working as a model. Rianna Ray has a great love for animals and does selfless service for their protection and nurturing. She is extremely passionate towards her work.

She is always happy by nature and takes care of her health. Rianna does regular yoga and exercise along with a balanced diet for her health. She likes actor Shahrukh Khan very much. Whereas in dance, she likes Madhuri Dixit and Rekha in style.

She likes the acting of young actor Rajkumar Rao. Rianna is so dedicated to acting that she feels at ease in all kinds of roles. Acting is her passion. She says that if you set your goal and keep moving towards your destination, one day success will be at your feet.


Rianna Ray Model And Actress With Rare Acting Calibre

Kavya Keeran Welcomed The New Year 2023 with Her Close Friends...

As 2022 is winding up, Bollywood is looking welcome in 2023 with lots of positivity and optimism. And actress Kavya Keeran is symbolic of the word positivity and optimism. The actress had a fantastic 2022 and she remained in the limelight for most parts of it. She even won the audience’s support for her work.

And as we have heard from her often, she likes to spend her holiday and festive occasions mostly with her family and friends. So, we asked if she will stick to it for the upcoming New Year too, and here is what she said after a brief laugh.

“I’m going to be celebrating and welcoming the new year with some close and old friends. We will cut cakes, tune the speakers to the bombastic Bollywood songs, and party. Also, I want to remain optimistic that 2023 will bring me more joy just like 2022 did. I even have thought of a few resolutions but not sharing them now.”

She further took a moment to wish her fans and supporters a happy new year saying, “I hope you all have a great and prosperous new year and continue to shower me with love. God bless!”


Kavya Keeran Welcomed The New Year, 2023, with Her Close Friends

Anjali Sharma Talented Actress And Model

I am Anjali Sharma an Indian artist I am 21 years old and my height is 5″5 and I have done many ramp shows and I have done many ad films digital also And some web series and movies have also been done and I am going to do good work in future, some upcoming projects are movies.


Anjali Sharma Talented Actress And Model